K4A is an innovative hi-tech and well organized venture in the growing business of light helicopters manufacturing

K4A light helicopters are the best innovation on the aviation market in the last 30 years.

The Project

KA-2H is a 2 seat helicopter.
K4A is currently implementing the «Build and Fly» program, that will enable the first prototype of this model to fly at the end of 2017. Then the KA-2H will go through final Certification process and it will be ready to be sold in 2019.
It is provided with two piston engines working in a parallel way, so that the failure of one engine is never a fatal failure.
It will be the first helicopter:
Provided with two piston engines working in a parallel way. So it will be allowed to fly over built-up areas in Europe and other countries where strict regulations do not allow light helicopters with a single engine to fly over built-up areas.
Able to fly with automotive gasoline instead of the Avio gas, without depending on airports.

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K4A product technology: patented innovation

The basic technology underpinning this business is completely developed by K4A scientists and engineers.